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  1. Belgrade is the capital of Serbia. I visited all former Yugoslavia countries. If you want to visit the whole Yugoslavia.You need to start in Slovania, Croatia ,Montenegro ,Serbia,Bosnia, Macedonia and Kosovo. Belgrade is the old capital of Yugoslavia There’s nothing much to see in Belgrade but the is the most important city in Serbia then all the way to Kosovo . For my scariest border crossing experience. But the whole Yugoslavia is beautiful.Good luck and wish you can achive your goal.


    • hmm awesome! I plan to visit each of those countries including Albania. Thanks for the heads up, hopefully the border crossing goes smoother for me : )


  2. Hi Nate!

    It’s funny that your blog name is called canadian globetrotter. When we first started, we almost called ours “two Portuguese girls globetrotting”, or something like that. I love that you have been in so many places, it gives plenty of amazing content to share. And more importantly, an amazing life experience. I hope that someday you get to enjoy beautiful Budapest : ) You’ve been all around Hungary, but did not stop there. Believe me, it will be totally worth it! ; ) Also, Lisbon and some other places in Portugal are a total must!! Let me know if you need some tips!

    – C


    • Thanks : ) .. I agree, Budapest is an awesome city! Unfortunately I was a little lack on my picture taking so I’ll skip that post ha ha.. As for Lisbon and the rest of Portugal, it’s definitely on my list! I will be sure to ask for some advice when I eventually get there : )

      Happy travels

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      • Ahhh, that makes more sense. I was wondering why would you have missed that city if you were traveling around that area.. Please ask, we both love our little country. We’d be happy to give you tips and make you feel as welcome as possible : )
        Thank you, happy travels for you too!!!

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