Cinque Terre, Italy


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Cinque Terre is located in the North West portion of Italy on the Mediterranean Sea. It consists of 5 small towns and it is possible to hike between each of these. I personally hiked 3 out of the 5 and it was relatively difficult. You also have the option to take trains to and from each of the villages.

Cinque Terre is roughly a 2 hour drive from both Milan (to the North) and Florence (South East), so if you wanted to score one of the many cheap flights into Milan, it’s a quick jaunt from there.. Just a heads up, you probably don’t want to spend more than a day in Milan… In my opinion anyways : )

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    • I’ll be off to Denmark in a few days and to Germany for 3 weeks after that. If you have any recommendations let me know : )


      • Yes I do! 😊 you should see Bavaria, beautiful cities with mountains and lakes not very far away! Specifically go for Munich, Nuremberg, Passau( the city which always floods) . You shouldn’t miss Berlin and Dressen is a beautiful city too 🙂

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