Iguazu, Argentina

I found the actual town of Iguazu to be pretty uneventful so we’ll stick to what everyone comes here for anyways. The waterfalls are quite incredible to see! Going to University near Niagara Falls, I wasn’t sure how the Iguazu falls were going to stack up to one of Canada’s treasured landmarks. While both are unique, I’d have to say the Iguazu falls are as impressive, if not more.

I was only able to experience them from the Argentinian side of the border so I can’t speak to how they looked from the other side. However, from my vantage point, they were pretty splendid.

*a temporary visa/pass was necessary to get over to the Brazil side which costs around 70CND if I’m not mistaken.


There are 3 separate paths you can walk along to get different views of the falls. The two lower paths are cool as you’re kind of walking under it all, but the highest point is the true money shot!





Also, keep an eye out for those raccoon look-a-likes. I watched (and enjoyed) as they stole food from numerous tourists throughout the day ; )


While the Iguazu falls are definitely worth checking out, they are kind of a pain in the ass to get to. I took a 16-18 hour bus from Buenos Aires to get there and it was another 20-23 hr bus from Iguazu to Cordoba (the 2nd biggest city in Argentina). While the buses in Argentina are actually quite good, they are somewhat expensive, and spending 20+ hours on a bus is usually not looked at too fondly…

However, if you’re in the area, definitely scope out the Iguazu falls : )

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