Uyuni, Bolivia

The salt flats in Bolivia are one of those must see sights. Here are a few details about them..

While it is possible to rent a vehicle or to take your own ride throughout the salt flats, there are many tour companies based out of Uyuni that specialize in multi-day tours of the region. Most companies will want to fill an SUV with 6 passengers so unless you are coming with a group, expect to be travelling with some strangers for a few days.

The tour I did was 4 days, 3 nights. The driver didn’t speak a word of English but that was entirely fine.

Day one is spent at an old abandoned railroad.


After driving around for most of the day, we were dropped at a small type of hotel. There were about 30 additional tourists at this location who were from other groups, and each vehicle of people was put into their own room.


Day two is spent entirely at the picturesque portion of the salt flats. There are about 4 different areas that are all really cool and we just chilled out at each place for a bit.




At the end of the day we were dropped off in a tiny community. There weren’t any other tourists and not really any locals either (minus the llamas ; ). It was a pretty interesting place!



Day three was spent driving through a pretty barren landscape that stretched on for miles. We eventually came upon some small mountains that were fun to climb on!


Day four began super early as we got up to see some geysers and to hop in the nearby natural hot springs.


Our driver then took us to check out the famous pink flamingos that live in the area.. Pretty amazing to see!


Finally, this awesome tour came to end as we crossed the Bolivian border into Chile. We were dropped off in San Pedro de Atacama and said farewell to an excellent time in Bolivia!

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