Tartu, Estonia

Here are a few pictures of the second largest city in Estonia. Home to about 100,000 people -with a large population of students- Tartu is a nice relaxed place with a lot of green space. It is also known to be a big party city but I wasn’t too intrigued to test that out on a Tuesday night…



  • I’m not going to lie. I stared at this for a good 10 minutes attempting to figure out how the faucet was upright… Yeah, it’s been a long trip..


Although Tartu is a small University city that is routinely skipped by travellers along the Baltic route, I’m glad that I stopped in for a day. Tartu is the cultural capital of Estonia, hosting more than 4000 events each year. It is also home to Estonia’s oldest University and there’s a real student vibe to the city. I wouldn’t classify Tartu as a must-visit place and you’ll only need a day to see the majority of the city.. But if you do have some extra time, stop in and relax for a night!

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