Coatepeque (lake), El Salvador

Coatepeque is located about an hour south of Santa Ana, the second largest city in El Salvador. It is an absolutely stunning lake that was by far the most impressive spot I saw in the country!


This crater lake is 26 square kilometres and is one of the biggest in El Salvador. Surrounding the lake are a mixture of houses, resorts and restaurants as Coatepeque is  undoubtedly a tourist hotspot within the country.



There are tours which will take you around the lake for about $20 USD ( yeah, not cheap). While pricey, you’ll be able to see any old Maya site on the island of Teopan which lies in the middle of the lake. Pretty cool!



Whether you want to spend a few days, an afternoon, or just a few hours taking in the natural beauty of Coatepeque, I think this is a must visit spot if you’re travelling through El Salvador.

From Santa Ana, two chicken buses are necessary, costing under $1USD in total. Similar to Lake Bohinj, Slovenia in appearance and natural beauty, make sure to add Coatepeque, El Salvador onto your list of future travel destinations before it gets too discovered!

Cheers : )


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