Tulum, Mexico

A popular tourist destination located on the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, Tulum can be both beautiful and crowded at the same time.

The main draw to Tulum are the amazing beaches – which stand out as exceptional – despite being located along a coast full of gorgeous beaches!



The town itself is located 2-3km away from the main beach, making a bike rental ($60 pesos, about $4 cdn) a smart option in Tulum. The well-kept streets are bike friendly while the main sidewalk goes directly from the edge of town to the beach.




The town of Tulum is slightly more expensive than the surrounding area, but you see the prices really start to rise once stepping foot on the beach. Want to get out of scorching sun, to sit in the shade? Expect to pay 100-150 pesos for a lounge chair! In fact, just about every tree with shade cover has been snatched up by the resorts – forcing us fair skinned people of the world to choose one of two options. Roast or pay!

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(I chose option #1… in hindsight maybe not the wisest decision)


Overall, Tulum has a fascinating history as it is one of the last cities built and inhabited by the Maya, lasting some 70 years after the Spanish began conquering Mexico. It was at its peak between the 13th – 15th centuries, and was finally overrun with disease and conflict.

Today, the Tulum ruins are well-preserved and they are located on 12 meter high cliffs – overlooking the beautiful beach and Caribbean Sea!


Well worth a visit if you haven’t been to multiple other ruins in the area (I have, and therefore chose to skip out on the Tulum Ruins), however I was told that the ruins themselves are a bit underwhelming.

If you’re a big beach person, Tulum is definitely a spot worth checking out for a few days. If you don’t love beaches, Tulum is worth checking out – but isn’t a ‘must visit’ in my opinion. Nice, but slightly touristy!

Either way, enjoy the white sand and bring some SPF 60 – the Mexican sun is no joke!

Hasta pronto : )


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