Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

A small city of just over 100,000 people, Luxembourg City is located right in the heart of Western Europe. It is 213 km south of Brussels, Belgium, 372 km east of Paris, France and 209 km from Cologne, Germany.

I decided to visit from Cologne and I took the combination of a train to Trier, Germany before switching to a bus which took me into Luxembourg. The entire journey lasted around 4 hours and passing through the forests in Western Germany was very enjoyable!

Upon arriving in Luxembourg, it was easy to see why it has the reputation of being a clean and safe country.




The streets are well kept and the buildings look modern (excluding the fortresses of course).



The city is set on two levels and there is even an elevator to make walking the gorges more manageable.




* above are pictures of the casemates, an underground tunnel network located in the city. Originally cellars of the medieval castle, the casemates have had a variety of uses throughout the years. They were initially dug out in 1644 as a form of defence system but the full 23km passageway wasn’t completed until 1747 by the Austrians. Tremendously successful throughout the years, the casemates were large enough to include 50 cannons and 1,200 men. They were named a UNESCO heritage site in 1994.

Overall, Luxembourg City is a nice, clean place that has some interesting history. However, it is quite expensive and there aren’t a lot of cheap options available. The main language spoken is French but there seemed to be a mixture of Spanish, German and English as well. One or two days is enough time to see most of the city and make sure to pack some hiking shoes!

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