Durmitor National Park, Montenegro

The Durmitor region is located in northwest Montenegro and covers an area of 1,852 square kilometers. The region has a population of about 15,000 people, mainly scattered throughout three small towns. I stayed in the small town of Žabljak (which is about 3 hours northwest of Kotor, Montenegro), and the outskirts are pictured below.



The main reason for visiting this region is to go to Durmitor National Park which was named to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1980. This park contains everything from ice caves, mountains, rivers, canyons, glacial lakes and a multitude of wildlife. There are wolves, foxes, bears, rabbits, deer and over 160 different bird species within the National Park. However, you definitely need to hire a driver if you wish to see more than a tiny portion of the park, as it spans over an area of 390km! Also, the highest peak is 2523 meters…






* you might even run into a few friendly cows or sheep along the road.. WIN_20150802_124716


* above is black lake, a common spot for people to hike or to relax and swim.

* below are some pictures of the Tara Canyon which is 1300 meters deep, just 200m less than the Grand Canyon. It is the deepest Canyon in Europe and it’s one of the top 25 World Nature Heritage sites! A must visit if you’re in Montenegro!





* the view from the bridge after finishing up rafting down the Tara River!

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