Rotterdam, Netherlands

Rotterdam is a major city that hangs out in the shadow of it’s big brother, Amsterdam.

Rotterdam is a city built on amazing architecture, a lively night scene, beautiful buildings, and beautiful people.

Some must see sites in Rotterdam are the Cube Houses, Markthal, and the Erasmusbrug Bridge.DSC_0344

I went to Rotterdam strictly for the architecture, and I wasn’t disappointed. The Cube Houses are spectacular, and if you’re looking for a place to stay, there’s a hostel located in them as well which gives a great view of the interior.



The Markthal is a big market that is bustling on the inside, has a ton of delicious food for cheap, and is filled with amazing paintings all along the walls and curved ceiling. On the outside of the Markthal is another market with cheap clothing, delicious sausages, and a lot of seagulls. The Markthal building looks crazy from the outside and I thought it was going to be a library when I got there.

DSC_0363DSC_0354DSC_0364In terms of night life, I visited a bar called “Bar” that was recommended to me by a local. Maybe it was a strange night but there was an awful grunge band playing and a rough crowd on the inside. However, once you go around back to the smoking section, there’s an area where 4-5 bars intersect and you can mingle with people from many different types of bars. That’s a pretty cool concept I haven’t seen too much in the past.

The Erasmusbrug Bridge is a nice view, and it was fun riding my bike to the bridge. Everywhere in Rotterdam and the Netherlands in general has very well built bike lanes that make it very interesting and enjoyable to ride around and see the sites via bicycle. There’s also some lanes in Rotterdam that were a part of the track on the Tour De France.


Overall there is a lot of fun looking buildings in Rotterdam that aren’t found anywhere else in the world. The Cube Houses are definitely something to behold and I believe Rotterdam is a fun little city that should be more well known than it is. That being said, it is rightly in the shadow of Amsterdam which is one of the wildest cities on the planet.

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