Lower BC, Canada

This post will look at some of the natural beauty of Lower British Columbia, all within a 3-hour drive of Vancouver, Canada. While there are direct shuttle buses from Vancouver to Whistler, all of the other nearby locations require a vehicle to get to – a theme all too common when travelling outside of the main cities in North America.


  • This is Duffey Lake, situated between Lillooet and Pemberton, and located in traditional L’il’wat Territory. Centered around the lake is the Duffey Lake Provincial Park which is a popular spot to go canoeing, kayaking and wildlife viewing.


Closer to Pemberton, the Joffre Lakes Provincial Park is an incredible spot to hike! The trail is 10-km long, has a fairly easy terrain, and contains stunning views throughout.



Simply, there just are not many places on Earth that provide such an incredible view!

Further along down highway 99, past Pemberton, you’ll come across a few good hiking spots near Whistler. Undoubtedly busier than the rest, these spots still provide some fantastic scenery to explore!




While Whistler is quite touristy and rather expensive, the small town is worth a visit on your way through. It is possible to explore the entire downtown area in less than an hour, so if you’re not planning to stay the night, don’t allocate too much time in this popular spot!

Whistler hosted events in the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, which mainly took place in Vancouver. An Olympic Village was built to house athletes and the Olympic Park was constructed in 2007 – for events involving skiing and cross country marathons. The park is now open to the public, and is a big tourist draw to the area.

The drive from Whistler to Vancouver, like everywhere else in the area, is incredible and will leave you on the edge of your seat throughout the journey!


Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to stop and enjoy the breathtaking scenery, as Lower British Columbia will leave you in awe time and time again!


While it’s not overly easy to travel around BC without a vehicle, if you can find a way, the reward will be substantial! Containing some of the most beautiful views and diversity of wildlife in all of Canada, British Columbia is a destination that needs to be explored!

Hopefully this brief overview will inspire you to see much more of, arguably, Canada’s most impressive province!

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    • Yep, a lot of the landscapes in Canada are quite similar to Finland. I thought the same thing when I was there.. But yeah, these mountains definitely stand out.. definitely try to come!

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