Somaemuldo Island, South Korea

Located in the south of South Korea are hundreds of islands providing spectacular scenery. One of these islands, Somaemuldo, is one of the most popular in the region. Its close proximity to Tongyeong, South Korea and Geoje (about an hour to an hour and a half ferry from both) make it easily accessible, and the views make this a day trip that is more than worthwhile!



The 1 to 1.5 hour ferry can be caught from Tongyeong or Geoje and the ride will pass by a number of small islands along the way.


Once you arrive to Somaemuldo, expect to join in with hordes of Korean hikers, as you can be sure that any beautiful spot in this country will be moderately overrun with bright jackets!


However, once you trek through some restaurants near the ferry port, you’ll have the option to hike around the island – breaking free from the crowds!




Eventually, after 2-3 hours, you’ll reach the other side of the island. Here, you can spot the famous lighthouse, which is located on it’s own separate island (Haegemundo). Built between 1910-1945 during Japanese rule, this lighthouse can be found on many Korean postcards.


Twice daily, the tide lowers to a point where crossing the 150-meter-long path becomes doable, so plan your visit accordingly and join back in with the crowds!


The mountainous cliffs, crystal clear blue water and phenomenal sunsets make Somaemuldo a popular destination if you are visiting the south of South Korea. Furthermore, if you visit in late October to early November, you’ll experience the island covered with wild camomile flowers!

So, grab your hiking sticks, a bright jacket and some soju. Then, and only then, will you be ready to hike the beautiful island of Somaemuldo!

Kamsahamnida! (Thanks)

4 responses to “Somaemuldo Island, South Korea

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  3. Would it be worth staying on Somaemuldo for one or two nights? Did you see any decent accomodation?



    • As of 2015 (when I visited), I don’t believe there were any hotels on the island itself. Although, I may be mistaken.

      The island is pretty small and if you were to stay, I would suggest only doing so for one night. It is very beautiful but you may be bored staying for two nights… just my opinion.

      Again, this is from 5 years ago, so things may have drastically changed : )

      Are you traveling around Korea or living in the area?

      Enjoy : )



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