Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is wild.

I went to Las Vegas to celebrate a good friends birthday party. My roommate in Canada had already moved to Vegas earlier that month, so we were staying in his condo at The Meridian, right off the strip.

We didn’t do too much besides hit the clubs the entire trip, so this post won’t have much to do with other things to do in Vegas, but we went to a few nice clubs and old Vegas, which was lovely. Disclaimer: There may be some foul language and offensive content in the videos. By “may be” I mean there’s definitely foul language and offensive content in the videos. 

I arrived on Friday night, and as soon as I got to the condo, the first thing we did was head to Marquee. Which is a nightclub that also holds indoor pool parties on Saturday’s. So if you want to attend a Vegas pool party in the winter, this is your only option.

This story is landing and visiting Marquee and Old Vegas




On Saturday night, it was Steve Aoki’s birthday, so we ventured to a place called Hakkassan for that. Hakkassan is located in the MGM and to get there you have to go through a lively casino.

The Hakkassan, the lobby of the Bellagio, and Caesar’s palace (I think)

The way Las Vegas is set up is all of the clubs I went to are attached to a casino, and also attached to a hotel. Which is a pretty cool concept that I haven’t seen anywhere else I’ve travelled to so far.

Hakkassan was a dark and poppin night club. We attended it on the Sunday as well.

Monday was XS, which would have been my favourite club, and I would have had a better time if I wasn’t burned out from clubbing so much. But definitely check out XS if you go.

Club XS

The clubs in Vegas are absolutely wild, with a lot of effort going in to getting the best DJ’s, being clean, and crazy security and order. Drinks will be expensive inside of these clubs.

One more thing to check out when you’re in Vegas is definitely Old Vegas. Where the strip used to be. It’s just a big party in the street with a very retro feel.


Old Vegas

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