Trece de Noviembre, Medellin, Colombia

This post will look at the neighbourhood Trece(13) de Noviembre, located in the northeastern park of Medellin.


High up in the mountains, overlooking the city, lies a colourful community that is leading a project called Cinturon Verde (green belt). This community, Trece de Noviembre, has undergone major changes over the past few years and has transformed from hopeless to thriving in a short period of time!

As more opportunities arose in Medellin during the 1970’s, people flocked to the city from elsewhere in Colombia. Slowly, new neighbourhoods began to overtake the mountains surrounding the city.


Eventually the Colombian government decided to put a limit on how high up the mountain houses could be built. Throughout Medellin, the implementation of Cinturon Verde has outlined boundaries for new construction projects, while at the same time, it has encouraged gardens and green space to flourish.


Trece de Noviembre is a neighbourhood embracing the value of green space and it is easy to see the widespread focus on local cultivation as you hike through the village.

Since 2012, a lot of money has been invested into developing social programs and improving infrastructure in Trece de Noviembre. As of 2017, a metro cable station is under construction and this will provide easier access into the core of Medellin. More tourists will have an ability to visit this neighbourhood and locals will be able to find work in other areas of city.


Well worth a visit, Trece de Noviembre has undergone dramatic changes since the 1970s. Formerly controlled by local drug cartels, living in this neighbourhood was considered shameful and dangerous. Today, this ‘barrio’ is a thriving community and it looks like one of the most up-and-coming places to live in all of Medellin!


Furthermore, the locals are extremely friendly and hospitable. Ever fluctuating government funding depends on an increase of tourism to this area. More tourists/publicity equals an increased incentive for the government to provide funding.

There is a centre where visitors can write down their country of origin to provide proof that tourists are coming to this neighbourhood. It’s nice to be welcomed intruders for once…



If you’re looking to get in a lift… look no further!


After hiking through the neighbourhood for about an hour, you’ll reach the highest look-out point in Trece de Noviembre!



Overlooking the downtown core of Medllin, this is one of the premier spots in the city for an awesome view!


Consisting of 271 barrios (neighbourhoods), Medellin provides visitors with a lot of things to see. One of these barrios, Trece de Noviembre is special in a number of different ways:

  • The views are some of the best in the city
  • The people are welcoming and friendly
  • You are able to experience Cinturon Verde in action
  • Buildings are colourful and the neighbourhood contains a lot of street art


The easiest way to get here is to take a metro to station ‘San Antonio’. From here, you need to walk 10-15 minutes to a bus which will take you directly up to the barrio. Simply, ask locals to point you in the right direction!


Gracias por leer!


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