Queretaro, Mexico

Santiago de Querétaro, the capital city of the state of Querétaro, is the fastest growing city in all of Mexico. Located just over 200 kilometres from Mexico City, Mexico and less than 70km from San Miguel de Allende, Querétaro is an up-and-coming destination, and in my opinion, is worth adding to your Mexico itineraries!


Considered the safest city in Mexico, Querétaro also has one of the highest standards of living. It is clean, well-maintained and has been named the ‘most dynamic city in Latin America’. Pretty high praise!


In 1996, the historic centre of Querétaro was named to the UNESCO Heritage list due to its colonial layout mixed with winding alleyways which were common during pre-colonial, indigenous times.


Querétaro was founded by Otomi Indians and incorporated into the Aztec empire in 1446. Eighty-five years later, Spaniards took control of the area and the official name Santiago de Querétaro was adopted.

The city holds a yearly festival for the Indigenous Otomi and fortunately I was lucky enough to be visiting during this time. It really was an incredible site to behold!


IMG_2892IMG_2889Despite only spending a few days in Querétaro, I really enjoyed the layout and cleanliness of the city. It isn’t massively overbearing like Mexico City, Mexico or Guadalajara but it’s big enough that you won’t get bored.


While this post isn’t providing you with a lot of useful information, hopefully it succeeds in outlining the charm of this city, centrally located in Mexico! Querétaro is definitely worth a visit!


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