Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava is a small (500,000 people) capital city that is very charming and easy to navigate. Despite being relatively small, it is Slovakia’s largest city and it’s the political, cultural and economic centre of the country.




Bratislava sits centrally in Europe, as it’s a short distance away from some MAJOR tourist destinations. In less than an hour, one can reach Vienna, Austria. Budapest, Hungary is a 2 hour train-ride south, while Prague, Czech Republic and Krakow, Poland are both less than 4 hours driving distance from the Slovakian capital! That’s four REALLY popular destinations, in four different countries, and Bratislava lands right in the middle of them..


Here are some more pictures of beautiful Bratislava!



  • Taking a stroll down the quiet streets of Bratislava.



Fortress walls across from the castle.



  • The two pictures above are shot from the Bratislava Castle which sits 280 feet above the Danube. The castle was reconstructed in 1953 after being burnt down in 1811. Prior to being burnt down, it had been inhabited since the stone age.

I would definitely recommend spending a night or two in Bratislava. It’s a nice, relaxed stop-over in a charming capital city near the centre of Europe!

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