Jurajskie Castles, Poland

This post will look at 3 different castles I visited in the south-west of Poland.




This 14th century castle is an impressive structure that hasn’t yet been fully restored. Visitors can walk around the ruins surrounding the castle and the views from this area are splendid!

* Above is my beautiful Polish family from Sosnowiec : )


Situated only a few kilometers from Mirów, King Kazmiriez Wielki (Kazmiriez the Great!) was the founder of this 14th century castle.


Built around 1350-1352, the impressive Bobolice castle stood strong for over 300 years before the Swedish army destroyed it in 1657. It fell into ruin during the 18th century and it has only recently been restored.

Here is the inside of the castle, quite impressive and definitely worth visiting!


  • Kazmiriez the Great




About a 30 minute drive from the other two castles mentioned above, is the most popular castle in the region.


The Ogrodzieniec Castle has existed since the 14th century. As you can see, one of the towers was built on top of a massive rock, making this castle even more impressive. Yet again, the Swedes were responsible for the demise of another Polish castle. It was attacked in both 1655 and 1702 and the second time it was completely looted and burned. The last inhabitants of the Ogrodzieniec castle left in 1810 and it was restored after WWll. Nowadays, big outdoor events occur here during the summer months and 2 films were even shot in the castle!

Poland is full of amazing castles so make sure to see some while you’re here!

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