Semuc Champey, Guatemala

Yet another gorgeous place in Guatemala, Semuc Champey is one of many spots throughout the country that can be considered a ‘must-see’!


Located in the south-eastern part of Guatemala, Semuc Champey is an 8 hour bus from Antigua, Guatemala and 10 hours south of Flores. The closest town, and where buses drop you off, is Lanquin – a Maya village 11km from Semuc Champey.


Once you arrive in Lanquin, you’ll hop on the back of a pickup truck for up to an hour, driving on bumpy back roads, before arriving close to the park. From here, there is a short walk into Semuc and the total hiking time in the grounds is close to 1 hour.


The desired destination in Semuc Champey is El Mirador – also known as the lookout. From this vantage point you’ll have amazing views of the natural pools of turquoise water – an incredibly impressive site!


After working up a nice sweat in the extremely humid climate of Semuc Champey, you’ll want to head down to the pools for a dip…

But first, keep a lookout for monkeys that roam the surrounding area!


The turquoise blue water is as refreshing as it looks and it’s a great spot to enjoy a few relaxing hours by the natural pools!


Just keep an eye out for the swarms of fish, as they’re quite hungry and aggressive.. They will bite toes!


In my opinion, one day is enough time to enjoy the natural pools of Semuc Champey. This tranquil location is a nice place to unwind and disconnect (there’s minimal wifi in the area making the ability to get off the grid a little easier ; )


Comparable to Plitvice Lakes, Croatia in appearance and natural beauty, Semuc Champey is a site to behold. It’s just one of the many awesome places littered throughout the country of Guatemala!

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