Teotihuacan, Mexico

Located 40 kilometers outside of Mexico City, Mexico, Teotihuacan is an ancient city of pyramids known as the place where ‘Man Becomes God’. Thousands of years ago, Toltec’s – made up of scientists and artists – formed a society to explore spiritual knowledge and the empire of Teotihuacan was formed.


Thought to have been established around 100 BC, Teotihuacan became the largest city in all of the America’s with a population that peaked around 125,000. At that time (roughly 450 AD), it was the sixth largest city in the world!


The city’s downfall started around 550 AD and it was completely deserted by 700 AD. Initially thought to have been attacked by foreign invaders, it is now believed that an internal uprising may have caused Teotihuacan’s demise, as only structures associated with the ruling classes seem to have been destroyed!


However, there is no debating the influence Teotihuacan had on surrounding cities throughout Mexico and what is now Central America. Known for its large quantities of green obsidian, Teotihuacan exported obsidian tools that were used throughout Mesoamerica – and remnants of these have been found throughout the region.


Teotihuacan has two main pyramids, Sun (seen in the middle) and Moon (seen in the far left of the picture).



The view from the top of the Pyramid of the Sun- the third largest pyramid in the world!

In 1971, a tunnel/cave system was found under the Pyramid of the Sun. Initially, it was believed to be completely natural, but more recent evidence tells a different story. In 2005, a 350-foot tunnel was discovered underneath the Pyramid and in 2013 various tunnels and chambers were explored using a remote robot!

Among other things, the robot was able to uncover 2000-year-old masks covered in crystals such as quartz and jade. Furthermore, in 2014, a different chamber was found containing: jade statues, jaguar remains, a box filled with carved shells and rubber balls! Incredible!



As I mentioned, Teotihuacan is about 45-minutes from Mexico City and buses leave every 20-minutes from the North Bus Terminal. A return trip costs 92 pesos and the park entrance fee is 64 pesos – an absurdly cheap total of $10 cdn overall.

Give yourself a few hours to explore the beautiful surroundings and make sure to bring some hiking shoes, as climbing the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon are no joke!


One of the top archeological sites in the region, Teotihuacan is an absolute ‘must visit’ along with Chichen Itza, Mexico and Palenque, Mexico. While many of the other sites are located within the jungle, Teotihuacan sits in a valley, surrounded by mountains. This unique setting makes Teotihuacan extra special and it ensures that it’s a site not to be forgotten once you’ve stepped foot inside its confines!

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