Latacunga, Ecuador

Located in the centre of Ecuador, Latacunga is a small city of 100,000 inhabitants – most of them indigenous. Just 1.5 hours south ($2.35 USD) of Quito, Ecuador and 25km from volcano Cotopaxi, Latacunga is a popular transit city.



While not worth a stop on its own, Latacunga is a pleasant city to checkout for a day. I stayed here for one night before heading to hike the Quilotoa loop, Ecuador and I was able to see the city in just a few hours.


There is nothing in Latacunga I would consider a ‘must-see’, but the central park stands out as the nicest area in the city!


Furthermore, despite prices in Ecuador already catering to the budget traveller, lunches in Latacunga can be found for less than $2 USD.


This ‘menu del dia’ cost me $1.50 USD!

The last place to visit is the cemetery. Like most cemeteries in Latin America, the one in Latacunga is impressively large immediately attracts your attention.


Sitting 2,760 meters above sea level, Latacunga is home to a cool and windy climate. Its proximity to the active Volcano Cotopaxi has resulted in the towns destruction 4 times but residents have thankfully avoided an eruption since 1798.


With little to no foreigners roaming the streets, Latacunga is a nice spot to get away from the tourist trail for a few days. Also, if you’re planning to tour the volcano or hike the Quilotoa Loop (you should!), the city is a perfect jumping off point!

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