Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark with an urban population of about 1.2 million. It is the cultural, economic and governmental centre of Denmark and in 2012, Copenhagen was named the 3rd richest city in the world.



Only 28km from Malmo, Sweden, the two cities are connected by the spectacular Öresund bridge. Copenhagen is also a 6 hour bus/ferry ride from Hamburg, its German neighbour to the south.


Copenhagen gets a lot of love from travellers and my expectations were pretty high before visiting. However, my 5 day stay contained a very limited amount of sunlight and rain was common throughout the days. Bad weather aside, Copenhagen is a pretty cool city to explore. The main tourist areas are relatively spread out and there are only two working metro lines throughout the city.



Copenhagen contains a number of parks and the city is connected by bridges allowing you to navigate around the canals and waterways. Certain parts of the city bear a striking resemblance to Amsterdam.



Along with visually resembling Amsterdam, Copenhagen also contains an area called Christiania which is well-known for its liberal (or non-existent) marijuana laws.


Christiania is an autonomous region of about 800 residents who declare themselves independent from the rest of Denmark. They even have their own flag. While Amsterdam has the famous ‘red light district’, Christiania boasts its own ‘green light district’.


I walked around this area which was pretty cool. Mainly it’s just people chilling out, smoking weed and selling t-shirts and bracelets. They also manufacture and sell their own bicycles.


Here are some additional pictures of the city:






Overall, Copenhagen is a pretty nice city but for me it rates below the other Scandinavian capitals.

The prices are a bit more affordable (especially the alcohol) but it’s still very expensive to eat at restaurants. I did, however, find the best Kebab shop so far on my trip. It’s called ‘Five Stars’ and Kebabs are about 7$ cdn.

That’s all for now!

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